30 May 2012

Losing Those Last Thirty Pounds: Part-One

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Losing those last 20 or so pounds can be an aggravating process. It can seem like it takes longer to lose those last few pounds then it did to lose those first 30-plus pounds. You know what, it bites!
I've been trying to lose my last 30 pounds for over a year now and guess what? I still have 30 pounds left to lose. What's going on?? What am I doing wrong? I've been asking myself these questions for the last few weeks now and I MIGHT have an answer. I say might, because since I don't have a personal trainer and I don't have a fitness guru to talk to, I have to rely on my own instincts and gut feelings. So, what am I going to do?
Well, before I get into that, let me go back in time and tell you where I started (warning: dream sequence)...
I started this journey when I saw a reflection of myself in a door and was shocked at what I was looking at. I was appalled at what was staring back at me and decided then and there, that I was going to lose this weight AND keep it off. I weighed a massive 296 lbs and had a waist measurement of about 54". When I got back home, I started looking for inexpensive exercise equipment and, after a great deal of research, I found the Total Gym. It was sold through Amazon and cost just over $100.00 (it was on sale...PLUS free shipping), so after confirming it with my wife, I went ahead and bought it. Interestingly enough, a few days later, I was at the doctor for my yearly visit and when the test results came back, he said that I was "on the cusp" of type II Diabetes. That realisation just made me all the more determined to lose the weight.
Once my Total Gym arrived, I planned-out my routine of exercising different muscle groups on different days, and began working five days a week to get the fat off. Between my decreased caloric intake and the exercise, the weight began to come off.
After three years of hard work and not a few roadblocks, I now have a weight of 220lbs. and a waist of 43". Now, you might think that losing just over 70 pounds in three years is not a major deal, but during that time I also gained a significant amount of muscle weight...over 30 lbs. Yes, that strength training does pay off.
So, three years later, here I sit typing on my computer and wondering how I can possibly lose these last, stubborn 30 pounds. I started thinking, "you know, when your computer starts acting wonky and won't do what it's supposed to do, what do you do?" You reboot it. Well, after long and careful consideration, I have decided to do just that: reboot my body! I'll explain how I'm going to do this tomorrow.

In case anyone's interested, here's an older model of the Total Gym and half the price of the newer ones...
photo of a total gymphoto of the Total Gym
I have used mine for over three years and have had amazing results.

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