02 June 2012

The Early Duck Gets the Feed

My wife and daughter were outside the other night refilling the bird feeders, when all of a sudden four objects came flying down from our roof. Heedless to the fact that there were people only a few feet away, they were determined to satisfy their hunger. Since I didn't want walk out and scare them away, here's a photo taken (sorry for the fuzziness) from our kitchen window of 2 of the ducks (with a gratuitous butt shot of a third) :-)...

photo of 2 ducks feeding at our feeder while we were outside

These guys stuck around the entire time that my wife and daughter were outside. When the ducks were finished eating, they kinda just walked around... getting the "lay of the land."


  1. You must have some yummy food for them to hang around like that! Pretty cool though!

    Hope you're having a Happy Birthday Tim!

  2. Sounds like the ducks are pretty friendly around your parts :)

  3. BeadedTail: We have both a chicken feed and regular birdseed that we mix together(cheaper to mix the two). They seem to really like it.
    Thank you :)

    Ann: Yeah, they're getting pretty brave. I was really surprised when they came down and started eating, though.


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