06 June 2012

A Mother's Work is Never Done

I heard a lot noise outside the other morning and when I went to look, I caught these guys on our back patio ...

photo of a momma starling feeding her babies

I threw out some stale bread for the birds and this mom decided that it would be a great meal for her babies. They followed her all over the yard trying to get their fair share. They even ended up on our barbeque AND on the handle of our power edger (Yes, lined up in a nice row with mommy in the middle)! Unfortunately, by the time I got the camera, they had moved to the patio.


  1. Your yard is sure going to the birds! :) Bet the kitties love it though!

  2. BeadedTail: That's for sure!! The kitties are having the time of their lives! They spend most of the day and evening staring out the door :)


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