18 March 2008

Profit Lance....has anybody heard of it??

I have been searching for something that will allow me to make some money and still be able to stay at home and care for our children. While looking at the vast array of business programs out there, I came across one called Profit Lance.

This seems to be the only one that does not promise that you will earn tons of money in only 10 days or something like that. It states that it will take time, study, and work in order to be successful at the system.

From the information that I have gathered from various web sites, it seems more like an instructional course in finance and technology, with practical exercises. I've read a great many reviews on the system and it seems to be legitimate.....but how can I be sure?

Has anyone heard of this system? Has anyone tried it? I am willing to take the time and study. I am willing to put in the hard work required. But is this the system it claims to be?
I have learned quite a bit from my research over the previous several weeks, so please check my other articles on Profit Lance:

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If you have any additional questions, please comment back to me and I will try and answer any of you questions.

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