21 March 2008

Broncos Basketball Goes to the Show!!

For the first time in 14 years, the BSU Broncos are going to the Big Show. Tonight they once again face Louisville. The funny thing is, last time they were in the Championship, they also played Louisville, but they lost to them in the first round. Tonight, history IS NOT going to repeat itself. BSU has had a fantastic year and they have a better record on the road then does Louisville.

Can the Broncos Basketball team do what the Football team did 2 years ago in the Fiesta Bowl? Can they GO ALL THE WAY? We shall see tonight as they face their nemesis. I predict that they will at least get through the 2nd round. After all, no BSU team has ever made it past the first round.

Let tonight be a night for making history. Let tonight be a night for rising stars. Let tonight be the night for magic.


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