21 April 2008

Profit Lance, is it for Real?

picture of one-way signs pointing in different directions along a streetI have been looking into the Profit Lance (PL) program for several months now and I have to say that I am impressed with what I have seen, or should I say, not seen. I have surfed the web looking for any negative comments about the system, yet I have not come across any so far. Is this because the system really works, or is it because the founders of this program are so powerful that they can smoother any negative comments.
I tend to shy away from most conspiracy theories, so I elect to believe that this system really works. If this were just a "get rich quick" system, I would not have looked into it any further. However, it markets itself in a very different way: by saying you WON'T make money right away. The system actually tells its potential customers that they will have to READ, STUDY, and WORK for the system to do any good. It seems to me, that this is a tutorial program rather then a step-by-step to riches program.

I have been looking for a finance system that will actually TEACH me what I need to know. A system that will show me how to work the "nuts and bolts" of the Internet. From the comments I have read, the PL system takes you under their wing, so to speak, through theory and practical exercises. Once you become proficient, they encourage you to strike out on your own, yet they are always there to give you advice and support.

If this is for real, I think I may "take the plunge" and try the system. If there is anyone out there that has heard of this system, please let me know in the comments section.

***After further research, I have come across additional information about the Profit Lance system. Please take a look at another article I wrote and if you have any additional questions, please comment back to me and I will try and answer any questions you may have.

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