19 April 2008

Using Painter's Tape

When I decided to paint our living room as part of a home improvement project, I purchased some Blue Safe-Release Painters Tape from 3M. I researched the product and was really impressed by the safe release feature. I methodically taped-off all the rooms and proceeded to cut-in and paint the house. When I went to remove the tape several days later, I noticed that there was a significant amount of bleed-through. This meant we had to go back and cut-in all over again. Instead of saving time, it actually took us twice as long.

After catching a Home Improvement show on T.V. I discovered what went wrong: When using this tape you must remove it as soon as you finish painting the area (while the paint is still wet). You must also use caution and brush from the tape to the wall, not the wall to the tape. If you brush upwards toward the tape, some paint will leak through underneath.

It would have been very helpful to know this BEFORE I used this product.
If used properly, this product does work; however, if you do not know its secrets....look out.
Any questions, please let me know in the comments.
Happy painting!

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