22 May 2008

The Computer is Mightier than the Sword

cartoon of a man and computer flying by.
Once again, I am sitting in front of the computer with nothing to say. I have tried to think of anything to write about, but I just can’t come up with a topic. I’m just curious, have you ever had this great idea then you run to the computer, wait impatiently for it to boot-up and then promptly forget what you were going to write about? Yup, that’s me.

The question is, why do I have to use the computer to write, I’m very capable to use a pen or pencil. The truth is, I happen to type faster than I can print. For this reason, I need to use the computer to write all my articles. Wow, this is something that I really needed to know. I searched the entire internet to find this site, just so you can tell me that. I feel so fulfilled.

I can tell right now that this article sucks the big wind. Who really cares if I can type faster than I can print? Do you really come to this site to read such mundane drivel as this? Now here’s a word I haven’t used before, drivel. Who ever uses that word anymore? I can’t even remember where I heard it before, probably the movies. Anyway, I give up. I can’t think of anything, so I guess I’ll go eat something. Chow.

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