21 May 2008

Diets and Rewards

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Being on a diet can be like looking down a long tunnel and seeing only darkness. What we need to do is provide a little light in this tunnel, so we can actually see where we are going. How do you do this? Simple, reward yourself.

Yes, you heard me correctly. We need to reward ourselves for all of our hard work and dedication. We go day in and day out following the same routine; eating the same foods and drinking the same diet drinks. Well, who wouldn’t be depressed? We all need to look forward to something, however small, to help keep us motivated. What I do is maybe once a week, I go out and have a hamburger or a favorite dessert.

However, even this reward needs to be in moderation. You do not want to undue all your hard work in one swoop. So, have your reward, but in moderation. We can all install a few lights in this dietary tunnel, but let’s not make it so bright as we need sunglasses.

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