08 July 2008

Weight-Loss and the Scales of Doom: Part One

cartoon of an SUV owner getting gas and being smirked at by a compact car ownerAs you begin your fitness routine, you may want to invest in a valuable resource. This item will not only help you to assess how well you are doing, but it can also act, during certain times, as a great shot-put. What type of multi-tasker can do this: the dreaded bathroom scale.Although you may already own one of these devices of torture, it is imperative that you have one that is accurate.

The best way to test the accuracy of your scale would be to weigh an unopened bag of cat food or dog food several times. If you don’t own a cat or dog, just weigh something that has a known weight. If your scale accurately displays the correct weight each time, you’re good to go. If however it does not, I would suggest investing in a new scale.

I have an old digital scale that stretches to new heights in inaccuracy. For example, I step onto the scale and I weigh 233 pounds. I step off and step back on, and I weigh 238.5. I try it again and I weigh 235.5. So, have I lost 3 pounds or gained 4? There’s no way of knowing, so I spend the rest of the day thinking that I gained weight. Losing weight is hard enough without having to worry about the accuracy of the scale.

Tomorrow: Part Two

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