14 August 2008

Fun Photos and Cartoons for Friday

cartoon of a Pepsi worker being fired because he tested positive for coke

How I would've Liked to See Them...
cartoon of tele-tubbies after hours

When your Blood Catnip Level is Above the Legal Limit...
photo of a cat walking-up to an eagle

Peeping Tom Cat...
photo of a cat looking through a window at a bird
photo courtesy of:imagechan.com
(site has mature advertising)

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  1. I love the last picture, that cat is hysterical.

  2. Elle: I know, just look at those eyes.

  3. From Luxor's Mom: Those are very cute - that first one made me burst out laughing!

  4. Lux: Thanks, I'm glad you liked them:)

  5. Hehe! I love that "tested positive for coke!"

  6. blanne: The Tele-Tubbies is one of my favorites. After having to watch them with my kids, this is just the icing on the cake:)

  7. Jennifer: I know, I liked that one too. I would probably be in trouble, because I like both Coke and Pepsi. I am actually drinking a diet Pepsi w/lime at the moment:)

  8. These were funny. Love the first one. He's also on crack.

  9. Really love the Overconfidence one.... !!

  10. Natural: I didn't notice that before. I guess his next job will be a plumber:)

  11. Sjeltur:That is a classic! I think he will never look at birds the same way again.

  12. Hi. Thanks for visiting. I answered your comment in my blog but I thought about dropping you a line here.
    I like image comments a lot. I visit comment sites frequently because of my Yuwie friends. My favorite is the third (I love white cats), which I already knew but with the words: "Birdie, birdie...".

  13. Mize: Thank you for stopping by and taking the time to comment. That would have been a good tag-line for the picture. It seems that it is harder to think-up titles, than it is to write an article. Anyway, thanks again!



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