17 August 2008

Thanks to my Advertisers

As of November 2009, I will no longer be with Entrecard, so in order to free-up valuable file space, I have removed the images and contents from this page. I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. However, I invite you to stop by my main page and see if there is anything of interest to you...

Everyday Living


  1. My mom's grooving at the thought of Barry White songs ...

    This is a good idea. I'd better start keeping track, too!

  2. Haha! Barry White. X3

    Thank you!

  3. Lux: I just discovered this last week while dropping my card. I thought it was a great way to thank those that advertised on my site. As I go through the different sites, I seem to learn something new almost everyday which is great, since I have lots of room to store this new info:)

  4. Aimey: I forgot to add the disco ball. Oh well, maybe next time:)

  5. tahtimbo, this is a great idea but the site that I write on would never allow for a post like this to stand. And neither would the sports sites that I am on either. So how do people recommend that we do that?

  6. Danny Thornton: From the sites that I have been on that do this, I have seen it done in two ways: The first is how I did it and the other is just taking the title of the site and linking to that. It takes up much less space than linking to an image of the widget. If using the title is not an option and you really want to thank them, I guess you could leave them a message through EntreCard or leave a "Thank You" message on their site. If you check with the Administrator, you may also be able to leave them a thank you through the Community Forum. If this does not answer your question, you can post this question on the Forum and they may be able to help you. Let me know what happens.

  7. Danny Thornton: After visiting your site, could you place a "Thank You" section on one of your sidebars?



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