20 August 2008

I Can't Stomach This: Part-Three

photo of an evil looking siameseI am bringing this up for the simple fact that, I perform all these abdominal-intensive exercises and I have no problems. In fact, I get a great tingle feeling as I am doing them. Yet, I wash my hair and I’m out of commission for a week. This is what I don’t understand. Do you use a different set of muscles when arching your back (another exercise I do, but my stomach is fully supported) as opposed to crunches, etc? Anyway, that’s where it stands for me. If I put a positive spin on this, you can say that it happened at the perfect time.

In order to prevent a possible plateau every 6 weeks or so, I take a week and relax. Yes, it came at the right time, but I really didn’t want to take THIS week off. Oh well, time to go. Have a good week everyone.


  1. I left you a message in response on my site, but thought you'd want to hear this right away! You are listed in DMOZ. Check at this site, it'll give you the stats...www.quickpagerank.com

  2. Thank you very much for doing that!! I went and checked. I figured they would e-mail me back or something. Thanks again, you just made my day:-)

  3. You are very welcome. They didn't email me either, I found out by checking on my site. You can show your support by linking back with a button. Go to www.dmoz.com, click on link, and pick a banner or button for your site. Glad I made your day!!!


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