28 September 2008

Thank You to my Advertisers 9/21-9/27

As of November 2009, I will no longer be with Entrecard, so in order to free-up valuable file space, I have removed the images and contents from this page. I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. However, I invite you to stop by my main page and see if there is anything of interest to you...

Everyday Living


  1. thanks for the link post ;) by the way, i'm inviting you here...


    see yah

  2. It is always a nice thing to recognize the ones that help you out.

  3. maria: You're very welcome. I have just come from your site and will check-out Slogbite later today. Thanks for the invite:)

  4. The Mortgage &More Blog: Thank you, I like doing it:)

  5. I Love A Good Sale: That's great! Have a good day:)

  6. I Love A Good Sale25 December, 2010 16:04

    Thanks to you as well! Will definitely advertise again.

    Edited to remove dead link. Comment originally published on...30 September, 2008 11:05


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