29 September 2008

A Brilliant Award

I was pleasantly surprised last week when Aimey at cherry-blossom.us dropped by my site and told me that I was being presented with an award.

I was especially surprised when I saw what type of award it is...Brilliance. It couldn't be because of awe-inspiring template design, so it must have been my brilliant writing style (or lack thereof). Could Aimey's inspiration have come from my wonderfully poetic Ode to a Weekend or was it my riveting account of squirrel behavior in Squirrels, Cats, and Lawnmowers? Anyway, thank you once again for bestowing this award upon my humble person. Once again, I realize that not everyone will be able to participate, but that does not matter. I only want you to know that you are deserving of this award and to thank you for making my wanderings throughout the Internet more enjoyable.

To forestall the arrival of the Award Police, let me go over Da Rules...

  • Create a post and choose 7 or more blogs that you find brilliant in either their content, design, or both.

  • Link to the person who presents the award to you

  • Show the names and links to those you pass the award to.

  • Leave a comment on their site to let them know that they have won an award

Now, the hard part: choosing only 7 people to pass this award on to. It was difficult, but my choices are as follows...

Mom's Cafe Home Cooking

Random Ramblings

Life Marriage and Kids

cooking with kuting

The Junk Drawer

Life With Kim

Lainy's Musings


  1. thanks a lot mr.mom,lol.ill be sure to do this tomorrow.have to get some shut eye for the before the paparazzi's get me at my most horrible,lol..thanks again.and ive added you to my blogworms.hope i get a linky as well.

  2. Many congratulations on your award! You chose some good ones to give it to! :)

  3. Life Marriage and Kids: You are very welcome. Sleep well, you know how those paparazzi can be:) I've given you a linky, please let me know if the anchor text is what you want. Mine is... Everyday Living. Have a good evening:)

  4. This one is in spanish :D wow super!

  5. a big big thanks to you mrmom! this is really a big surprise... i am very greatful knowing that there are people who appreciates my blog... thanks a lot and God Bless you and your family!

    *teary-eyed kuting* S^_^S

  6. Lainy: You are very welcome. Thanks for having an awesome blog:-)

  7. Kuting: You're very welcome and it is much deserved. May God bless you and yours:)

  8. Congratulations on your much deserved award!

  9. hi tahtimbo, im back here again,i forgot that i was going to post this on my blog,lol. i already posted something but ill deffinitely do it tomorrow. i promise..i gave you a linky already and ill change the anchor text..thanks again.

  10. BeadedTail: Thank you very much:)

  11. Life, Marriage And Kids: There's no rush. It took me a week before I was able to post it, because I had other things ready to go. Have a great night:)

  12. Hi, thanks so much for the award. I found out when visiting you blogs. I will gladly accept. Thanks again!

  13. mr mom,knucklehead life,marriage and kids is back again,lol.im really sorry im just not familiar with how this goes,can i just copy and paste the award pic?this is my second award and i still havent claimed my first one coz i have no idea how to do it,hehhe...like i said im very very ignorant and a big knucklehead when i comes to this so i hope you will be patient,and let me just say,the cake looks really yummy.

    it took you a week it will probably take me a month,lol

  14. Life, Marriage And Kids: Don't worry about it. What I do...I save the image to my computer; I then go to page creater (in Google) and upload it there. I click on the link to the picture and copy the http. I then go to my New Post (in HTML mode) and paste the url there. To make it appear, you need to do the following (Do not use the outer brackets [], they are there only so I can display the code to you use < > instead): [img src="entire http goes here"]. This will allow the picture to appear. I personally do not link the picture to anything, so if you click on it nothing will happen. Another way: click "add picture" from you just download it from your computer to your post. Please let me know if you need any additional help. I had to learn all this on my own, but would be more than happy to assist you. Just drop me a line:)

  15. Garden Gnome: You are very welcome. I'm sorry I could have sworn that I left you a comment on your site. I was late in posting and I guess my brain was fried.

  16. thanks again, ill be sure to ask you if i need any help,lol and not just that ill also be asking about the cake,lol.have a good monday

  17. Life,Marriage and Kids: You're welcome, just let me know if I can help. Thank you and you have a good week,too :)

  18. WOW! This is an awesome award! I love it! Thanks for including me in your short list of recipients. I will let you know once it's up and running in my own blog.

    See you around!

    All the Best,

    (Repaired bad link... comment originally posted on: September 29, 2008 10:44 PM)


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