29 October 2008

Ghostly Encounters

After I listed my seven things, I received several replies from those wanting to know about the ghosts I have seen. Well, here are three instances which stand-out in my mind...

This first instance occurred when I was at work. During college, I had a job delivering papers in the early morning. There was a portion of my route which consisted of a series of interconnected apartment building and was easier to deliver on foot. So, I put the papers in my bag and started to walk through the complexes. Then time was around 2:00 AM and I was walking along the sidewalk. As always, there were cars parked along the street and as I passed one car, I noticed that there was a man sitting inside the car. Since it was 2:00 in the morning, this seemed a little out of place, I did a double-take and the car was empty. Believe me, I checked the entire car and there was no one inside. You may be thinking that I must have imagined it and that would be a valid question. However, firstly the car was parked under a street light, so the interior was well-lit. Secondly, my job required me to be very observant...you do need to be able to recognize landmarks and addresses, etc. in the dark. I also needed to be observant with regards to my own safety. (Stockton is not exactly a safe city).

This next occurrence happened in our apartment; However, I will need to try and give you a visual image of the layout.
Our apartment was a one bedroom unit located on the third floor. When you stood in our bedroom doorway and turned to the right, you could see the kitchen counter. On the left side of the counter was the kitchen and straight-off the kitchen was the laundry room; on the right would be the living/dining room. Walking straight and jogging slightly to the left then right, you would be in the kitchen and if you continued walking, you would be in the laundry room. If you would have jogged-right, you would be in the living room.

Now, When we had our first child, we placed the crib in the dining room, since it made a perfect fit for the crib and changing table. For the first few weeks, I took the night shift and stayed-up and watched the baby while my wife slept. Finally, once a routine had been established, I started sleeping in our bedroom again. One night about four months later, I woke up when I heard our daughter screaming. As I exited the bedroom door, I saw three "things" running from the crib, through the living room and into the kitchen. They then went through the kitchen and into the laundry room where they disappeared. All I remember was that they were about 3 feet high and did not resemble anything I had ever seen before. Whatever it was had been bothering my little girl. I stood over her and comforted her and as I was doing so, I said a prayer over her. This never happened again.

This final instance occurred just a few years ago. I had recently broken my foot and was in a constant state of pain. (maybe this made me more receptive??)We usually leave a nightlight on in the kitchen to make it easier to see if we need to get up. One night, I went to sleep and for some reason I suddenly woke up. Silhouetted against the nightlight, standing inside the bedroom and to the side of the doorway was a woman with blond hair and wearing jeans. She stayed for a moment and then just disappeared. The next day, I learned that at roughly the same time she appeared, a young woman was killed in a fatal accident not far from where we live.


  1. My sister reported feeling something heavy sitting on her chest some nights in a particular house in central Ohio.

    Oh, and my grandma (mom's mom) was very ill and near death (she did die a few days later) said to our aunt & uncle 'Harold just died' which was true event though he (grandpa, my dad's dad!) was in Northern Ohio and grandma was in Columbus when it happened!

    When family asked grams how she knew grandpa died she told them 'he just told me' talk about freaky!

    We're all connected I suppose.

    Thanks for sharing. In the ghost department, my life has been pretty boring personally!

    I'm ok with that!

    Pam Hoffman

  2. Great post! Thanks for sharing your stories.

  3. Pam Hoffman: Wow, that is really fascinating. I've read about that happening in stories, but to know it actually did happen is, as you said, freaky.

    Dori: Thank you, my pleasure:)

  4. Very freaky! I've never seen a ghost and don't really want to. Your stories gave me goose bumps though.

  5. BeadedTail: It's not much fun seeing them. I prefer leaving it to the Ghost Hunters.

  6. Very intriguing. And a little scary.

    Mom had a weird experience once in Chicago. A friend of hers was murdered, sadly. One morning a few days later Mom "woke up" to the realization that Terri was standing at the foot of the bed. Almost instantaneously she realized Terri was dead and she wanted to scream but found she couldn't move or make a sound. Have you ever had that? Some people call them "night terrors" but Mom thinks it's when your astral body isn't completely in the physical (coming or going). After what felt like an eternity of trying to scream and break free from the paralysis, finally she could move and she ran through the apartment to her roommate's bedroom, babbling and shaking.

    Later she felt bad that she became so frightened - she really thinks Terri was coming to say goodbye.

  7. Lux: I got chills reading this. Yes, that has happened to me many times. In the last occurrence, I could not move and then after she disappeared, I was able to move again.
    I'm sorry to hear about your friend and I'm sure she understood.


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