27 October 2008

Seven Things About Me

A few days ago, I was tagged by BeadedTail and today, Chica & Pumuckl got me with the same tag. The purpose: I'm to give 7 random facts about myself. As always...Da Rules: tag other people that you want to know a little more about. As always, this is completely voluntary and I promise not to call the Tag Police (TPD) if you choose not to participate. Anyway, now for some completely useless, dull, uninteresting, choose your own adjective, facts about me...

  1. If I had listened to my Graduate School Faculty Advisor, I would currently be a college history professor, instead of a stay-at-home dad.

  2. I would rather drive a stick shift than an automatic

  3. The longest shift I had at work was 32 hours

  4. I love Ghost Hunters and yes, I have seen a few ghosts

  5. My favorite season is the Fall. I love the change from hot to cool and the smell of long-dormant fireplaces once again being used

  6. During college, I went on a finance tour of Europe and during our weekend off, My friend said that she would like to go to East Berlin, so we went. This was back when the wall was still up. It was pretty scary at times. There were armed guards everywhere and we were constantly watched. Although it was against the law, we took our pictures in front of the wall. Before we left, we gave our passport information to one of our friends and told her if we weren't back by a certain time, to contact the Embassy.

  7. photo of me in front of the Berlin Wall
    Yes,that's me in front of the Berlin Wall, many years ago looking stupid. Don't ask me why I posed like that. This is why I don't take pictures of myself anymore.

  8. In high school, I took flying lessons until I was no longer able to afford it. Yes, I love to fly (when I'm the one at the controls).

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  1. I had a feeling you'd have a very interesting list and you sure do! I complain about my sometimes 12 hour days during tax season but now I'll realize it could be worse. I can't imagine a 32 hour shift!

  2. BeadedTail: Yeah, that was a special instance. When I was working for Boise State University, one of the duplexes we managed had a chimney fire. Someone had to watch the duplex over night in case the fire flared back up. So, I stood watch all night and then I completed another full day at work. When I got home at 5:30 that night, I went to bed and didn't even wake-up until the alarm went off at 6:30 the next morning.

  3. You'll have to tell us about the ghosts you've seen!

    We love that picture of you in front of the Berlin Wall ...

  4. You can't say you've seen a few ghosts and not elaborate!!

  5. Lux: Okay, I already have something ready for Halloween, but I'll write about the few experiences that I have had. Having fun with PhotoShop? Is it difficult to use?

    Kirsten: I'll see if I can put it together within the next few days. I already have something for Halloween (an actual dream I have had).

  6. Hola Tahtimbo! Oooooh thanks for tagging me this one, but I just only recently did a similar one with 5 quirky facts on me he he! :):):)

    My hubby loves Ghost Hunters too and YIKES on having seen some yourself! :(

  7. Ha ha! You're so cute posing away like dat! ;)

  8. Helllooo,
    Yeah, you can't just say that you have seen ghosts and move on....especially this close to the big day!
    Out with it!

  9. Your list is great. I love Ghost Hunters too and all of the shows like that. Fall is also my favorite season too :-)

  10. Mariuca: I can't wait for Wednesday for the new episode and then the All-Nighter on Halloween. As for my picture, I think I look like a dork, but thanks anyway:)

    eve cleveland: Okay, I'll try and find some time to write it. There were 3 instances that I can relate:)

    Dori: Thank you, will you be watching Halloween's Live show?

    Ana: It must have been quite a climate change from Egypt to Germany. Does it get cold in the area of Germany you are in?

  11. Sniffie says she can really relate to #7 - she is in "control" of the remote on our blog today!

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  12. oohhhh! I want to see a ghost and I love a stick shift too! Loved your list!

  13. Photoshop? Well, there's a learning curve and Mom sort of taught herself back in 2000 - she's still learning things. Dad's better at it - he used to teach a Photoshop Elements class. It's a great program, though.

    Mom's dad saw a ghost when he was a kid, growing up in the country outside, get this - Loogootee, Indiana. Mom & her brother used to love to hear his ghost stories.

  14. Furkidsmom: Sounds like my kind of cat:)

    HEALTH NUT WANNABE MOM: Thank you. My first car was a manual transmission and I never wanted to go back. My next car was my beloved Honda Accord- 5 speed. After 12 years, she finally got to old and I had to give her away..sniff.( I know, It's weird calling a car "her" and "she") Even weirder... I have the hood ornament and I put it on the Christmas tree every year. Yes, I was attached to that car :-)

    Lux: My sister-in-law uses Photoshop in her work. I would love to get it and work with it, but it's so expensive and I heard that Macintosh is a better computer to use it with.
    I would love to hear the ghost story:)

  15. Very interesting indeed ;-) But you know... I hate fall... and winter as well! :-D

    Edited to remove dead link. Comment originally published on...28 October, 2008 12:44


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