25 December 2008

Helping our Military Families

As you know, Christmas is upon us and as we revel in the gifts we have received and sit down to our Holiday meal with those we love, we need to take a moment and think about those among us who will not be home for the holidays. I am speaking of the thousands of men and women in the military who will not be able to be with their loved ones. In an effort to help the families of these brave men and women, Sears has established a program called heroes at home. This program will help make it possible for the families of these heroes to have the things they need. The money donated, will be distributed to the military families in the form of Sears gift cards.

We can help by visiting this site and making a donation. I realize that we are living in very difficult times, but it is the sacrifice of these men and women, which allow us to enjoy the freedom of this holiday season. We can use this opportunity to say Thank You to these soldiers, by helping their families. The size of the donation does not matter, it is the fact that you took the time to care. Because this donation is not tax-deductible, it will be a true gift from your heart to those who keep us safe.


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