24 December 2008

Today is Christmas

Today is Christmas and I am sitting in front of the computer typing, while the green bean casserole is in the oven baking. I think it turned out great, but the test will come when the family takes that first tentative bite. I will call it a great success if they all survive the experience.

I hope all of you are enjoying this very special time, because this is when memories are made. I will never forget the times when we would all meet over at my Grandmother's house on Christmas Eve. It was one of only two times a year that I was able to see my cousins. We would gather in the stairwell and talk and then run around the house playing and driving the adults crazy.

That house has been recently sold and others are in there making their own memories. It is very difficult to imagine someone else living there, but I guess that's life.

Have a great Christmas everyone!

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