08 January 2009

Friday Fotos: 1/9

Happy Friday, Everyone...

This is How I Feel Just About Now...
picture of a math problem
courtesy of... funnypictures.org

This is Classic...
photo of a funny no parking sign
courtesy of... guy-sports.com

At Least They're not Talking on a Cell Phone...
photo of two pilots smiling and a plane coming at them
found at... link removed: site no longer active

picture of a cat covered in packing peanuts
courtesy of... funnypictures.net


  1. We always like coming here for our Friday smiles. :)

    Thanks for the information about your wife doing the ultrasound on rabbits. That makes mom feel like maybe she and the vet made the right decision the other day.

  2. Lux: It's always nice to have you stop by. You're welcome and just let me know if I can help in any way:)

  3. Thanks for the laughs...always great! Happy Friday and have a great weekend :)

  4. Martin in Bulgaria: Glad you liked them. Have a great weekend;-)

    green not mean: Would that be fried spam nestled in between two pieces of bread with mustard?? I have got to get off this diet. Have a great weekend:-)

    Dori: You're welcome! Thank you and you have a great weekend, too ;-)

  5. haha those were great! I was having a bad day and that totally cheered me up! Love the cat---mine would do the same thing but then freak out that all thoe peanuts were one her

  6. Those pilots are hilarious! Only thing missing are cocktails! ;)

  7. Stiletto Sports Jen: I'm glad that I was able to brighten your day, that makes it all worth while. I hope you have a better weekend!;-)

    The Fitness Diva: Now why didn't I think of that? The only thing that came to my mind was cell phones. Thanks and have a great weekend! :)

  8. Don't you think those pilots would have been better off...talking on the cellphone...at least their heads would be looking straight, to hopefully see the danger in front ! ;)

  9. at least the pilots died smiling.. :P

  10. BeadedTail: That would be our cat. He has an obsession to packing peanuts. Have a wonderful weekend:-)

    RightMan: You have a good point. When I wrote the caption, that was the only thing to pop into my head. Have a great weekend;-)

    WorldmedTourism: Thank you very much! Have a great weekend:)

    blanne: That's so true. As The Fitness Diva said, all they are missing are the cocktails:)

  11. I have an award for you at my blog. Please stop by and pick it up when you get the chance :)

  12. Dori: Thank you very much, I just stopped by and picked it up. Thanks again for thinking of me. Have a great weekend;-)

  13. EEEKK about the pilots!!!

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  14. Gandalf and Grayson: I know what you mean. They do look happy, though...for a few seconds:)

    Furkidsmom: At least there is an auto pilot:)

  15. lol..great picture!! feels happy visiting ur blog ^-^

  16. qishi87: I'm glad you liked it. Thank you for visiting and have a great Sunday!

  17. green not mean said...

    Lol I feel so much like the first picture I could hide in bed all day but I have 900 Entrecards to drop and three blogs to update and spammeth my lovely blogging friends with comments.

    Edited to remove dead link. Comment originally posted on: January 9, 2009 7:45 AM

  18. Gandalf and Grayson said...

    Yikes. Mom hope she doesn't get those 2 pilots!

    Edited to remove dead/broken link. Comment originally made on...10 January, 2009 16:58

  19. WorldmedTourism said...

    You runs a high quality blog

    Edited to remove dead/broken link. Comment originally made on...10 January, 2009 07:43


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