06 January 2009

A Prisoner of Algebra

My mind is absolute mush. It is not from lack of food or from the pain in my foot, but from something more sinister than can be imagined with the human mind...Algebra. Yes, I am once again having difficulties understanding this menace. I found out today that the end of the semester is going to be this Friday, so I need to devote what little free time I may have, to trying to figure out Algebraic Fractions.

Listen, I just got used to be able to understand regular fractions, now you have to throw in variables and exponents? Please, throw me a bone here! The main reason I majored in History in College, was to get away from math. I first wanted to be a computer programmer and to that end, I took several programming languages, such as COBAL, Assembly Language, and RPG. I did really well at it and soon became a computer lab assistant. All was going well, until MATH raised it's ugly head. Yup, I found out that I needed to take advanced mathematics.

Anyway, the main reason I am writing this, is to let you know that I will not be posting anything for the next few days, or until the math book mysteriously flies out the front door, lands on the road, and gets run-down by a cement truck. To that end, I will need to devote my last remaining brain cells to understanding this stuff and then teaching it. I will try to be back by Friday for Friday Photos.


  1. You need to relax a bit more and enjoy the maths. You'll get there in the end.
    Will wait to hear the good news on your next post.

  2. All the best of luck to you Tahtimbo! :-)

  3. BeadedTail: Thank you ;)

    Martin in Bulgaria: Thank you. I just wish I had the time to enjoy it. When it clicks, it's a lot of fun , it getting to that point which is the most difficult:)

    Dori: Thank you, Dori. I appreciate it;-)

  4. Oh, my gosh, I just read the "word" algebra and my mind went to mush. I really admire you for trying to wade through all that stuff. I was a history major in college too so I do feel pity for you.
    All of us will miss your posts but best of luck with your studying.

  5. Sending you best wishes & good thoughts,

  6. i was also a prisoner of algebra but finally i was able to push through. just dont give up! you can do it


  7. Mountain Woman: Thank you and I thought I would never use this stuff in the real world (welcome to homeschooling) :)

    Shydub: Thank you:)

    Lux: Thanks, Luxie:-)

    The_Light's_Herald: Thank you, it's getting easier now...the darkness before the dawn:)

  8. Hi Tim,

    You make me remind my own days at college, not so happy ones, lol.

    I am sure you will make it, I hope you update the blog with the good news about your Math.

  9. Algebra--YUCK! I never did see the point of it although I got through it pretty well. I liked geometry much better although I never saw much point in that either. Trig was as far as I went and had absolutely no clue what I was doing, but then only one kid in the class did. I got a "B" just because the teacher graded on the curve so he didn't have to fail the whole class. It was a big joke! We were just totally lost, but the teacher was a very nice guy. I actually felt bad for him trying to teach trig to a bunch of high school students who didn't understand any of it. Good luck with your Algebra!

  10. Good luck with the algebra. I too have a degree in history so I didn't have to do higher math. Algebra I'm ok with, but Calculus hurts my brain.

  11. Oh, forgot to mention, the "For Dummies" series is very good for Algebra. I started tutoring, and not having done Algebra in 40 years, I needed to relearn it. The book helped a lot.

  12. Marketing Business Review: Thank you, it is getting a little easier now:)

    Karen, author of "My Funny Dad, Harry": I am so there with you on Trig. I never got the hang of that and was left dazed and confused. At least you had a good teacher; the one we had just assumed you knew what she was talking about and went on to the next chapter.

    Da Old Man: Thank you, I was better at algebra as well. Geometry left me lost and confused. It's just that it has been so long since I've done it, that I have to re-teach myself. Thank you for the advice on that book, I didn't know they had one for Algebra.

  13. I hope you are feeling a little better about Algebra. I encourage you to work on Algebra. I have seen students struggle with it, get some help and then do well as a result.
    If you are interested -- I produced some Math Help Video Lessons that have helped a lot of students and adults. They are available online at mathmadesimple.com. Good luck with Algebra!!

  14. Math Made Simple: Thank you for asking. Yes, I finally got through it. I found that the fractions were not as bad as I originally thought they would be. You see, I home school my kids and I need to be able to not only do the math, but also explain to them how to do it. Thank you for the resource, I will definitely keep it in mind if I get stuck again.

  15. Thanks for your response. Congratulations on your home schooling. This is one of the prime applications of our Video Lessons. If you are interested have a visit to our web site and pick a lesson that you think might be of interest, then let us know the lesson number via our contact us page and we will send you a complimentary link to download it. Will be fun to see what you think.


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