24 January 2009

Our Seven Years with DirecTV

When we finally moved into our first house, we decided that because of our horrible experience with the cable company, we would either find an alternative or just go without. Unfortunately, we were unable to find another service so, for two years, we used our trusty rabbit ears. Eventually, when we were able to move into our first new home, we began to hear of a new service that was being offered, so my wife started asking around at work and her friends all kept mentioning something called DirecTV. They had nothing but good things to say about them, so we decided to give them a try.

I called and set-up an appointment and we eagerly waited for the appointed time. When the technician arrived, he went right to work by first installing the satellite dish and then he went under our house and pulled the cable. Overall, it took just about two hours for the installation to be completed. When he was finished, he sat down with us and explained how to work the remote and the satellite receiver. Once we were comfortable with being able to navigate the system, he left.

That was just over seven years ago and we are still very pleased with the service we have received. The one worry that I did have about not getting reception during rainstorms, proved mostly unfounded. Although we do occasionally get an interruption of service, this usually occurs only during very bad thunderstorms and lasts for a short time. DirecTV offers an astounding 99.96% up-time with their signal so outages are rare, something our cable company could only dream to achieve. We are also very happy with the quality of the signal. We get 100% digital quality on all the channels, even the local ones, so our picture is always crisp and clear. With cable, we had a constant problem with ghost images showing up and no matter how many times they came out to try to fix the problem, it never went away.

Overall, I would say that we are very happy with our experience with DirecTV. My wife and I have even been trying to get our brother-in-law to switch over from cable, but he has been very resistant to do so. Their reception is about as good as you would get from an antenna, but he is just not willing to switch. We even told him about the DirecTV specials they are currently offering and have mentioned that it is cheaper than what he is paying now, the installation is free, and the picture quality is top-notch, but he still won’t budge. In a way, I can see where he is coming from; you are comfortable with something that you have had for many years and you are just afraid of doing something different. Change can be a scary thing sometimes, but it can also be good for you. I am hoping that he will finally get so fed-up with the service he currently has and make the switch; he’ll be glad he did.


  1. We had DirecTV for years. We changed to cable a few months ago because we had horrible problems with the tivo and then the satellite was only picking up one station at a time and then wanted about a zillion dollars to come in and fix it. We have our internet through the same cable company, so it ended up being cheaper. Other than that problem, we loved DirecTV. We never lost signal during the Hurricanes of 2004!!

  2. We switched to Direct TV last year and love it! I like the extra movie channels (many with no commercials) and my husband likes the sport channel packages (the Sunday Football Ticket and now the Center Ice hockey). The picture is great and much clearer than with cable. I had the same concerns as you did about losing the signal but it's only happened a few times and for a short time only.

  3. Furkidsmom: I am really sorry you had so many problems. I can't speak with regards to tivo, since we have never used it, but it sounds as if the installer did a lousy job of aligning the dish. The company that contracted with DirecTV, should have come out and fixed the problem, at no charge.

    Karen & Gerard Zemek: I would love to have the Sunday Ticket, but my wife would kill me:) Oh, on the subject of ice hockey, did your husband catch the outdoor game on New Year's?


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