24 January 2009

Dial M for Muscle

As you gaze down upon the Scale of Doom, you notice that it has not moved a bit in fact, you may have gained a few extra pounds. You have been very faithful in fitness routine, so what’s the problem? Is this another weight loss plateau? If you are less than six weeks into your routine, chances are it’s something else. Yet, for those who do not know, it can be every bit as sinister as a plateau. It goes by many names, but I like to call it…Muscle Mass or MM, for short. That’s right, with all that exercising, you are actually toning and building muscle while you are losing fat. Since you are gaining muscle weight, that addition will show up on the scale. This is something that I discovered by accident.

I had been working-out on a regular basis and being faithful to my diet, but the weight was just not coming off. When I went to take my weekly measurements, I noticed that my waist size had actually decreased. How can I lose inches, but not lose weight? This is where MM comes in. I was so obsessed with the Scale of Doom, that I never even noticed that I was building muscle. It was a pleasant shock when I actually looked at myself in the mirror and noticed muscle where none had before existed.

So, next time you step upon the scale and notice no change, just remember that you're not only losing the fat, but you're gaining muscle.


  1. Very encouraging words. I almost gave up all those exercises.

  2. yeokeehui@gmail.com: Thank you. Keep up the great work! I know it seems like a cliche', but it will get better. Take care and if I can help in any way, please let me know:)


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