23 February 2009

Creative Scrapbooks

The following featured products are brought to you by: Memories for Life Scrapbooks. The descriptions are copied from the owner's site. Please click on the title or the large image to be taken to the site and to get additional information on the product of your choice.

Custom Name-Word Album

photo of custom word album
This is for one custom word album. Any word you would like from 4-9 letters. All letters are hand cut so you can customize to your heart’s desire. Album measures 4"x12". It is made of heavy-duty chipboard. Bound with metal rings that are embellished with ribbon.

Star Shaped Scrapbook Photo Album

photo of star shaped scrapbook
This is for one 3-D star shaped scrapbook photo album. It is made of heavy-duty chipboard.
Pages are covered with patterned paper on outside and cardstock on inside. Embellished with die cut swirls on photo corners. Will hold 10 photos.

Scrapbook Album-Mickey Mouse Flip Flops (removed dead link)

photo of mickey mouse scrapbook
The album is made using one pair of Mickey Mouse flip flops. There are 12 pages (five double sided/two single sided). Pages are hand cut out of chipboard and covered with patterned paper. There are 1-2 photo mats per page for you to place your photos. Each page is decorated with Mickey and Friends embellishments.

Special announcement for Etsy Shop Owners


  1. Edi has beautiful work and I check out her shop often! Really nice feature on her!

  2. BeadedTail: I know, her work is just amazing!

  3. Thanks for the feature Tim :)
    I passed your info along in my blog:
    Hope you get lots of responses...this is so nice of you :)

  4. memoriesforlifescrapbooks: Thank you very much! I am happy to do this and I hope you get a lot of responses, too;)

  5. Those are very unique - lovely!

  6. I love that you highlighted all of this great talent :)

  7. Lux: I agree, she has an amazing talent!

    Dori: Thank you, it's something I should have done long ago.


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