02 March 2009

Hand-Crafted Jewelry from Rose Works

The following featured products are brought to you by: Rose Works Jewelry. The descriptions are copied from the owner's site. Please click on the title or the large image, to be taken to their site and to get additional information on the product of your choice.

HEROES - GODSEND - Woven Bracelet (removed dead link)

photo of a bracelet
This particular bracelet is 7 1/2 inches long - but custom orders are welcome! Just indicate the size you'd prefer in the message to the buyer.
If you would like a different background color other than white please indicate what color you would like in the message to the buyer! I either have, or have access too, just about any color imaginable.

Elegantly Jumbled Lace (removed dead link)

photo of a jumbled lace bracelet
This time I used a mix that contains black, grey, silver, white, and clear! It makes for an elegant design that you can wear to dress up your jeans and t-shirt, or for your favorite little black dress!
This necklace is designed to slip right over your head, and has a twist to it, just for fun! If it was laid out the necklace would be about 24 inches long.

Purple and White Woven Earrings

photo of woven earrings
They are a little "tamer" than other dangle earrings I've done in the past - but I think I really like both types :) I hope you enjoy them too!
These earrings are approximately 3 inches long.
If you love this design but the color's not quite "you" then let me know an I'll make something just for you!

Special announcement for Etsy Shop Owners


  1. Youth Care: Thank you. They have some very nice products:)

  2. Yes it is Tim. Those are nice items. I am really asleep...sleep and not sneaking drops okay? But, I haven't popped in to say hello for a while.

    I hope you and yours are doing good!

  3. BeadedTail: Thank you, her jewelry is amazing.

    Shinade: That's okay, I'm guilty of the same thing. Hope everything is going great for you as well. ;)

  4. Rosey Posey featured too! Such an amazing being...loves ya Ruthie!!!


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    05 March, 2009 05:35


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