06 April 2009

Featured Crafts from Unique Euphoria

The following featured products are brought to you by: Unique Euphoria.
The descriptions are copied from the owner's site. Please click on the title or the large image to be taken to their site and the product of your choice.

Candle holder/bird feeder

photo of candle holder/bird feeder

Enjoy indoors or outdoors as a beautiful candle holder. Use a flame-less
votive for outdoor use an enjoy a romantic night on the patio or send it out
as a beautiful addition to your garden. Just fill the dish with bird seed and
enjoy a pretty and unique perch for your feathered friends.

This is made with recycled electric fencing wire hand twisted and welded by
myself, then cleaned and painted with a durable enamel that is suitable for
indoor or outdoor use.

Comes with a votive candle and a chain for hanging.

Hanging vase/cutting keeper

photo of hanging vase

YAY! I have to say that this is one of my favorites! A hanging vase to start
a cutting in or to put a single flower or bud in. Pretty enough for indoor
use, durable enough for outdoor use. The little "jug" hangs from the hook on
the hanger at just enough of an angle to make the piece really unique and

The hanger is made from fencing wire that is all hand twisted by myself,
welded together, cleaned and painted with a durable gloss enamel paint. It
comes with a chain for hanging (not shown in the picture).

Bluebird of happiness windchime

photo of windchime

Made with recycled glass and fencing wire, you would never know this little
bird is a product of forgotten things. The wire is hand twisted, sculpted and
welded by me and the glass is fired into "flowers." A beautiful and relaxing
addition to your porch area or garden.


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