08 April 2009

Keeping Your Computer Clean and Mean

After a long day of working on the computer and doing my Entrecard drops, I prepare to shut down the computer for a well-deserved rest. However, there is one more chore for it to perform and that is it’s nightly cleaning. I open the utility, it scans all the files and browsers, and it finds the usual 52+ MB’s of junk. This is just from one day of use. Can you imagine what it would be like after a month? These files take up valuable memory in your computer, not mention slowing it down.

To help combat this, back in 2004, I stumbled upon a utility program that seems to work wonders. It not only cleans-up and deletes unwanted files from the hard drive and registry, but it can also defragment them. I have to admit, after the first time I used this software, I saw a tremendous difference in speed. After all, it had cleaned-out almost 3 GB of junk so, obviously the computer is going to run better. I just love the way I have to state the obvious. Back to the point, the one thing I would double check before you clean your computer is, unless you want to clear-out all your restore points, make sure that the Restore Point box is unchecked.

Another great feature to look at, especially if you lease your computer and need to return it, is the ability to securely delete files. The following is taken directly from TuneUp Utilities:

TuneUp Shredder uses a method developed by the US Department of Defense to ensure that files and folders are permanently removed from your hard disk, so that your sensitive data can no longer be recovered, even with the use of special software.

Besides cleaning unnecessary files from your computer, TuneUp Utilities allows you to do a few other things you might be interested in…

    • manage running processes

    • edit your registry

    • rescue center, in case you make a mistake

    • display system configuration and performance

    • change window and program settings

    • adjust system appearance

    • customize your startup applications

In 2008, they began to allow you to use the program on up to three computers. So, if you are a multi-computer household, you no longer have to purchase the program for each separate computer, which can be a huge savings. So, if you are interested in keeping your computer a lean and mean computing machine, then why not take TuneUp Utilities for a free, 30-day test drive. Do what I did and see if you like it, before purchasing it.

TuneUp Utilities 2010


  1. Great information! I'll check it out!

  2. BeadedTail: Great, it really helps out my computer:)

  3. Technically, it's nigh on impossible to permanently delete data from a HDD, though if you use a Shredder they'll need some fairly heavy duty equipment to retrieve the data.

    Sorry, just the pedant nerd in me.

  4. Chinaren: Thanks for the comment. I totally forgot add something like that in the article. I think I may go back and do a little editing.
    Thanks again and have a great weekend!


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