13 May 2009

Which ISP Do You Use

koko on my total gymWe are in the process of trying to dump our home phone and go with cellular service. However, if I discontinue our home service our ISP, which is currently through our phone company, will raise the ISP rate from $24.00 to $44.00. This basically negates any savings we would have enjoyed.

Question: Can anyone recommend an ISP that is fast, dependable, and costs less than $40.00?

Sorry that this is so short, but I have just finished getting the history papers submitted and I now need to help them prepare for their oral reports...does it ever end? Anyway, only a few more weeks.


  1. Ohhhhhhhhhh KOKO !!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

    Good luck with your ISP research !!

  2. I'm afraid I don't have any suggestions for an ISP. We have cable because I need something really fast and reliable since I telecommute for work. Good luck on your search though!

    And is that Koko using exercise equipment? How's it going with the Nordic Track that you were to start using again? :)

  3. I have used cable internet for years. I understand your problem though. I hate our cable company. They know we are stuck with them so they charge us a ton. I would have gone to satellite tv ages ago if it was not for needing good and fast internet. I have heard from many bloggers that they get punished by their ISP when doing drops so be very careful. I guess a lot of companies kick you offline for a few days if you do drops because you are using too much bandwidth. That is why I stay with my cable internet. They do not care that I have 3 computers connected to the internet at all times.

  4. I have Verizon's highest speed (DSL) and I pay $30 a month. They also have a $20 a month service, too. I have aso heard that Hostgator (my web host company) has VOIP for something like $20 a year? I've been thinking about that-- it's a telephone service through your computer, like Skype. I've been very impressed with Skype, by the way. That's free. If you do happen to go with Hostgator, would you perhaps consider clicking through the link banner on my blog? I get credit for referring people. and Hostgator is a company I can recommend with confidence-- I love them! I don't know how their VOIP service is, but their web hosting service is superb. If I got VOIP (which I may do so in the future), I'm checking out Hostgator.

    I wish you welll! I also wish you well with your end-of-the-year school work! I homeschool, so I understand how busy a person can get!

  5. Gaolga: I'll pass along your compliment:)

    BeadedTail: Yes, he's sitting on my Total Gym. Everything is going well so far, but I do need to use my Nordic track more often.

    Melissa Erickson: I checked with the cable company here, but they charge more than anyone I have checked with. Also, thank you for the warning about the bandwidth.

    Mrs. Mecomber: Thank you, I'll check Verizon. Since we have a cell phone with them, maybe we can get a deal. If I do go with HostGator I will be sure to go through your link:)

  6. If you ever thinking about going with cable phone...ask if/how long it works when the power is out.

    Cable internet/tv/phone package might be cheaper

  7. Alan: We currently have a Directv/internet/phone bundle. I contacted the cable company and they currently do not bundle. Also, their lowest price is $49.00. Thank you for the information, because I did not even think about checking with cable, it was my wife who thought of it:)


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