11 June 2009

Friday Fotos: 6/12

It is Friday once again, which means it's almost time for the weekend. Here are a few photos I found to help you make it through the day. Have a great weekend, everyone!

Now, that's roughing it...
photo of an RV with a mercedes inside it
courtesy of... greatfunnypictures.com

This is SO Koko...
cartoon of cat streching to trip someone
courtesy of... toons.gotblah.com

picture of a bunch of raccoons
courtesy of... icanhascheezburger.com


  1. Simply love the raccoon picture ! Reminds me of when we go camping and they swarm the picnic table at night. Those little thieves simply love Oreos. :-)

  2. You have a great weekend too.

  3. The car inside the bus is pretty cool! Now, who's gonna get it out?? :)

  4. The second one happens in our house all the time! Either that or while stepping over Sadie she decides to get up.

    And, am I noticing a trend in your comments that you are looking for reasons to put that Nordic Trac away? What's up with that? :)

  5. Lohman Trading: I love Oreos, too. Especially with a nice, cold glass of milk. Those raccoons have great taste in snacks:)

    B Boys Mom: Thank you:)

    The Fitness Diva: That's a good question, but if they are rich enough to buy a rig like that, the car may be just for show:)

  6. BeadedTail: That was weird, I guess you were writing your comment at the same time as I was answering mine.
    That is Koko's favorite thing to do, especially when we first get home.
    As for the Nordic Track, I would never try and find an excuse for not using it. It is my favorite thing to do:) Actually, it would be nice to use the berm project as an excuse, but I would probably "guilt" myself into using it. I'm in a routine now and I am afraid if I do stop using it, I will find it difficult to begin exercising with it again.

  7. those are great!
    love the raccoons :)

  8. TiLT: I'm glad you liked them. Hope you have a great weekend:)

  9. Needless to say, we LIVE the second photo at this house!!

    Thanks for stopping by Cousin Trooper's House Trashing Party!
    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  10. Furkidsmom: LOL. Thanks for having us. Koko is sleeping it off as we speak:)


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