10 June 2009

Pre-Construction Photos of Our Berm

Unfortunately, due to an exclusive agreement with Kindle, I have been asked to remove the contents of this page. However, all the information you will need to build your retaining wall, can be found in my book. I am very sorry of any inconvenience this may cause.


  1. That's going to be quite a project but I bet it turns out great. Can't wait to see the progress.

  2. Wow, what a big project! I'm sure it will be fabulous when it's done -and you'll have some mighty fine muscles when you're finished :D

  3. BeadedTail: It is going to be a big project, I just hope it turns out good. It really can't look any worse:)

    Meghann: I really hope so. Yeah, it's going to be quite a workout, so I guess that means I don't have to us the old Nordic Track for a while;)

  4. All the best to you! I like outdoor work; your project looks huge, though! I look forward to your updates about it-- keep up with the photos, please! :)

  5. Mrs. Mecomber: Thank you, I'm going to need it. Don't worry, I plan to take a lot of photos:)


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