29 August 2009

How to Core Tomatoes

Although some may see this as an everyday thing and is a necessary skill in order to can tomatoes and skin them, there are many out there who have never done this before, so I will give a brief guide on how to core a tomato.
coring a tomato

  1. Get a sharp knife and place it in your hand

  2. Rinse the tomato and put it in your other hand with the core (where the tomato came off the plant) facing up

  3. Take the knife and insert it approxiamtely 1/2 inch beside the core and about an inch deep

  4. Using your thumb as a guide, turn the tomato in you hand and move the knife in an up and down motion until you have completed the circle

  5. The top of the tomato should now twist off

cored tomato
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