06 September 2009

Racks for Your Wine Glasses

It seems to be a universal problem, that there is never enough room in our kitchen cabinets. I am constantly on the lookout for different places to store things. Of course, the dishes and glasses have their rightful places, but there are many other things that can find another home. The problem is: where to put the stuff? In my constant search for more room, I noticed that one thing that takes-up an entire two cabinets above our refrigerator are the wine glasses. Now, if I can find a place to put these, I can free-up two whole cabinets and, in turn, get some stuff off of our counter top.

So, to begin my search for a proper storage place for these glasses, I once again went onto the Internet and began looking for a solution. After wading through the usual flotsam that shows up on any search, I discovered some wine glass racks that seemed likely to solve my problem. They would get the wine glasses up and out of the way and it would also make it much easier to reach them when needed. You see before in order to get the glasses, I would have to get a step stool to reach over the top of the refrigerator and into the cabinet. Now, whenever the occasion calls for it, I will be able to just reach over and grab them.

Now that I know what I need, I still need to decide which style to have. There are the kind that you can mount under the kitchen cabinets, which can be very handy. However, if you decide go this route, you need to make sure you have enough clearance under your cabinet for the glasses. Since this would be an issue for me, I decided to look into a hanging wine glass rack. This way, the glasses would be up and out of the way and I would not have to worry about breaking them with something from our counter. While initially looking at these racks, I was concerned that I may not be able to use this style, because we do not have a flat kitchen ceiling, but rather a vaulted one. But then I noticed that some of these hanging racks are attached to the ceiling by chains. So, whether you have a flat ceiling or a vaulted one, you can use this style of glass rack.

If you do decide to go the ceiling rack route, you need to take care when installing it. In order to prevent any nasty accidents, please be sure to install your rack in the studs. If you are unsure or if you are uncomfortable doing this, you can always hire a handyman to do this for you (please check with your local Better Business Bureau in order to find a reputable one). Although I have concentrated on ceiling racks, there are many other styles of glass racks from which to choose. There are under the shelf models, there are under cabinet models, and there are also the portable entertainment carts. These actually act as mini bars where you can store your wine and your glasses and roll them to where you need it. This is perfect if you have a pool or if you have an entertainment room which is far from your kitchen.

Whether you entertain on regular basis or you are like me and only do so a few times a year, these glass racks are a great way to free-up your valuable cabinet space while still giving you easy access to your wine glasses. I know that this will allow me to move some items off my kitchen counter and into the cabinets. Once my counter is clean again, I plan to take a picture of it. You see, for some strange reason every time I clean the counter, it only stays clear for a day or two, before the counter gnomes return and pile more stuff onto it.


  1. Your article was very helpful. I have stemmed glasses all over the place taking up valuable shelf space. I had never thought of using wine racks before nor had I thought of hanging racks.

    I'm off to check out your links.

  2. Mountain Woman: Thank you and I'm glad that I was able to help. I really like the idea of the hanging racks, too. It keeps the glasses out of the way and it also adds a touch of elegance to the kitchen. While I was looking, I saw that they even had an illuminated one.


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