13 October 2009

Creative Gifts from Rose Works Jewelry

Believe it or not, the Holiday Season is fast approaching us and I can't think of a better way to show that special someone how much you care, than to give them a one-of-a-kind, hand-made gift. You can help support these very talented artists and do your Christmas shopping at the same time. So, please take the time and look over these items, because that perfect gift may be right here.

The following featured products are brought to you by: Rose Works Jewelry The descriptions are copied from the owner's site. Please click on the title or the large image to be taken to their site and the product of your choice.

Spirit Fairy - Bead Woven Necklace (removed dead link)

photo of bead woven necklace
multiple photos of adventure necklaceSpirit Fairy is the second in my Fairy series of necklaces. See below for looks at the other piece in the series and the story that goes with the necklace! The necklace has been made using a combination of bead weaving techniques and is my own design. I used delica's in this particular necklace, and they added to the light, fairy, feel of the necklace! It graduates in color from light violet, to purple, dark purple, purple, and back to light violet.

This necklace is adjustable between 15 and 16 1/2 inches. If you need a larger size just let me know and I'd be glad to do a custom order!

Adventure Necklace (removed dead link)

photo of bead woven necklace
multiple photos of adventure necklaceThis beautiful necklace will fill you with a sense of adventure as you wear it proudly around your neck! It's made from a combination of Red Tiger Eye and Red Aventurine. Neither stone is truly red in color, although that's the official designation. The Tigereye is a deep brown with swirls of a lighter color that appears as if a tiger is staring right back at you. The Aventurine is an orange/brown and the smaller round beads are more beige in color. It's a beautiful combination and what I'd want to wear if I was going on a photo safari!

The necklace is approximately 19 inches in length and uses a hook clasp to make it easy to put it on by yourself! Let me know if you need a different length and I can easily adjust it for you.

Custom Spiral Hemp Bracelet
- You Pick the Color and Size

photo of bead woven necklace
multiple photos of adventure necklaceThis listing is for a custom spiral hemp bracelet! All you have to do is tell me which color you prefer and what length you need. Pictured are: Black, dark brown, tan, and light purple. These are all the colors I currently have, but I can easily order new colors if your interested! Other colors I can access are: white, red, turquoise blue, multicolored, dusty rose, green, yellow, light blue, blue, dark purple, and green.

Hemp Jewelry Information:

As you wear your piece the fibers will bind tighter together and it will slowly gain a "smoother" appearance than it does initially. Hemp itself is very diverse in it's uses, and has been around for thousands of years! It's use in macrame become popular because it's not too slippery and it's very sturdy. Macrame has been around for centuries, and it's use in jewelry has recently seen a revitalization. I hope you enjoy my pieces!


  1. Thank you for the wonderful feature!

  2. Such gorgeous picks! Thanks again for taking the time to support handmade on your blog.

  3. Thanks for featuring a handmade artist. Ruthie, your work is wonderful. I love it.

  4. I am not real big on wearing jewelry but I like the hemp bracelets. Love the colors in first necklace too

  5. Wonderful that you featured Rose Works and Ruthie. I agree, handmade gifts are just the best!

  6. great feature! Her spirit fairy necklace is gorgeous!

  7. Beautiful. I would love to have the fairy necklace.

  8. what a wide variety of jewelry Ruthie makes. And it's all so beautiful. {:-D

  9. I love those hemp bracelets! Reminds me of when I was a kid back in the '70s. :-)

  10. Great feature and beautiful pieces!

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    15 October, 2009 07:18



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