02 December 2009

Cute pictures: The Drāno of Writer's Block

Since I am still unable to think of anything intelligent to say (what else is new), I've decided to share a few pictures of our newest addition, Yum Yum. I'm assuming this lack of thought has something to do with going full-tilt all last month, so I'm hoping that it is a temporary lull and that I can once again return to showering you with my inane drivel. Until that much-anticipated time, please enjoy the photos...

Laser cat sees all...
photo of Yum Yum in cat tree

Practicing her punt fake...
photo of Yum Yum by the TV

Magically expands to fit any space...
photo of Yum Yum sleeping on a blanket


  1. Ha, ha, the # 1 is too funny, #3 makes me envious, it looks so comfortable.

  2. alessandra: I know and it's amazing how something so tiny can stretch out and take up so much space.

  3. Love the pics of yum yum. and that looks like one comfy cat there in the last picture. :)
    I see you went back to EC, you aren't gonna go drop crazy are ya...lol

  4. Ann: Yeah, she made herself right at home. I also heard that she is a very good lap warmer.
    Yes, I decided to come back for a while, but I'm NOT going to drop like I used to. No more 300 per day for me; that was insane!

  5. She is so cute! Cats make me smile and also envious of being able to curl up anywhere for a nap!

  6. BeadedTail: I know, I often wish that I had that ability:) Welcome back! How was MouseLand and do you still have "It's a Small World, After All" still playing in your head?

  7. I have all sorts of songs in my head still and "It's a Small World" is one of them. It's in the Christmas mode right now so they don't sing that song all through the ride now so it's not as bad as it could be, thankfully!

  8. Beadedtail: I'm glad they toned it down a bit. I remember when I last went, they played it throughout the entire ride.


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