08 December 2009

Geometry and Me

cartoon of two scientists doing a math problem

This cartoon is exactly how I feel much of the time, because I am back once again trying to re-learn my junior high and high school maths. However, this time it is much more insidious and evil; for this time it is geometry. This monster happened to be my worst subject in school and college and now I have to teach myself how to do it. Why, so I can help my daughter who also seems to be carrying the anti-geometry gene.

After I was able to finally master the wonders of triangles, I am thrust-into the wild world of quadrilaterals and how to tell them apart. Let's see, there are parallelograms, which have alternate sides that are congruent. The rectangle, which has four equal angles. The rhombus, which has four congruent sides, and finally the square, which has four equal angles and four congruent sides.

Now, all that may seem fine and dandy, but the fun part comes when you start discussing the bisectors and the various properties it has with regards to each shape. On top of that, you have the teachers, in their infinite wisdom, making the test questions as convoluted as possible, which leaves you dazed and confused.

I have never liked geometry and I fear that our dislike for one another will continue on.


  1. I almost didn't graduate from HS because I was struggling so bad to pass Geometry! I have nightmares still! LOL Good luck!

  2. I enjoyed Geometry in high school but now, my brain shuts off when I think of it. I actually sat next to a guy on the plane back from CA last week who was doing Geometry and Alegebra stuff for an engineering job for the entire flight. Just watching him gave me a headache.

  3. Storm, The Psychotic Housewife: I'm with you on that, it was a nightmare for me. Just when I think I get it, they throw another question out and I'm back to square-one.

    BeadedTail: I was able to do algebra, but when it came to geometry, I had problems trying to visualize what they were talking about.
    That does not sound like a fun way to spend a flight.

  4. Oh I never liked geometry when I was in school The worst part of it was that by the time it was my kids taking it and asking me for help, it seemed to have gotten more difficult than I remembered...lol Good luck to you.

  5. Ann: I couldn't agree more and thank you, I can use all the luck I can get :)


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