07 December 2009

A Slick Commute

photo of an apache helicopter hovering behind a speed enforcement sign

My wife takes the bus into work, but she still has to drive just under a mile to get to the bus stop and today marked the first day that there was ice and snow on the roads. This being the case, I would like to share an Email my wife sent to me after she got into work..


I got in okay. What a ZOOOOOOO, those idiots were driving as if there were no snow!!! It was a ice skating rink and they were driving as close as they do on every other day!!! I swear it is the Darwin awards every first snow. I saw pickups down town that could not get a grip on the roads and still they follow too close!!! I was driving 35 on State and felt that was too fast (and was being run over!!) aaaaaand TWO cars decided that it was not any problem to just pull right in front of me because I was leaving FIVE plus car lengths between me and the one in front. I had to honk at one because he only had maybe a car length and a half when he pulled out in front of me and I was pumping my breaks like crazy to not hit him. Of course after I honked he accelerated like mad and followed too close to the one in front of him. I never have cars pull out like that when there is no snow…why now!!! If no one dies it is because I am praying like crazy for these IQ compromised people!!!! Thank goodness I wore my shoes with tread!! I should have worn my snow boots!!! I knew that the snow plows and been going by, but I thought there was much less snow then there actually was!!! Oh well……happy Monday!!!

See ya later,



Just a hint: when there is ice and snow on the roads, that means the roads are SLICK, so SLOW DOWN.


  1. Glad your wife made it safely. Always a worry when there is ice on the roads--so dangerous! People really do need to S L O W D O W N This is a good reminder!

  2. Glad your wife made it safe. Sounds like she had quite an experience though. There are way too many idiots out on the roads. I hate winter driving.

  3. Glad she made it to work safely. I enjoyed her commentary of her drive in! The same thing would happen to us in Colorado but here in Oregon, the town shuts down when any snow or ice is on the roads. It's kinda nice but happens very rarely. It's very cold here now but dry.

  4. Karen & Gerard Zemek: Yeah, you would think they would learn, but obviously not.

    Ann: Being from California, I never had to worry about driving on ice, until I came here. Never have liked it. It seems that whenever it snows or freezes, it's like a reminder for them to take their idiot pills.

    BeadedTail: I think they should shut us down, it would make it a lot nicer. Snow is on the ground, but it's very cold and clear here...currently it's 12 degrees.

  5. Sounds like Vermont. No one ever slows down no matter the road conditions. Glad your wife got there safely.

  6. Mountain Woman: Wow, I thought they would drive more carefully, since they know more what to expect.


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