25 April 2010

Alternate Uses for a Bathroom Sink

Hey, I'm sleepin' here...

photo of Koko in the bathroom sink


  1. Looks like a purrfect fit!

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  2. LOL I had a cat that used to do that all the time. My husband had a cat before we were married that one day decided it would NOT come out of the bathroom for anything. He even had to put the litter box and food in the bathroom...lol Thank goodness he had 2nd bathroom.

  3. We think bathroom sinks make the purrfect beds - they are nice and cool and no pokey corners!

  4. Furkidsmom: Yep, he fills the spaces very well.

    Ann: That is just too funny! Koko doesn't go that far, but he will go into the bathroom and close the door and then go to sleep for a few hours. Yes, he actually closes the door :)

    BeadedTail: The day I took that was one of the first 70+ degree days we had this year.
    Oh, how did you like the race? What a finish!! Although, I still wanted Montoyo to win.

  5. We share all of our sinks too! They are popular beds and water fountains! Thank you for saying Sasha was meant for us - that's what I had been thinking, but was afraid to say :)

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. You said ALTERNATE uses for the bathroom sink. I'm still waiting to hear what the other one is.

  8. Love this photo :) Looks so comfy.

  9. Looks pretty comfortable to me. Maybe I can teach my Rat Terrier dog.

  10. Michelle: He especially likes to sleep there when it's warm out. You're welcome and I truly believe it :)

    Sparkle the Designer Cat: I knew I forgot to add something :)

    Dori: Yes, he spent a few hours in there.

    Grampy: He was quite comfy and I was SO tempted to turn the water on, but I behaved.


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