06 June 2010

D-Day: 6 June 1944

photo of soldiers on d-day
courtesy of... k12.sd.us


  1. Wow. Great pic for a huge slice of history.

  2. Ah yes, so it is. I had forgotten all about this. That's a great photo

  3. Nice post Tim! You had stopped by Boise Daily Photo Garden Shot and asked about our potato "crop." I purchased 3 seed potatoes at Zamzows (less than $1 for all of them) and we pretty much threw them in the ground and mounded a lot of soil on top. Some people believe in cutting the seed potatoes into pieces, each with one eye. Ours started pushing out of the ground in under a week, even with a good 6-8 inches of soil on top of them. Amazing!

  4. alicia: Those were some very brave men!

    Ann: I have to admit that I had forgotten too, until I ran across a MSN article on it.

    Boise Diva: Thank you very much for the information. This sounds easy enough that even I should be able to grow them. I need to go to Zamzows anyway to get some feeder fish for Hiss, so I'll pick a few up and give it a try. It would be really nice to be able to have large potatoes, instead of the small ones we usually get from the store.


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