05 June 2010

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I have provided a short snippet for each post, so hopefully it give you an idea as to what the entire article is about. Just click on the link, to read the entire article.

Blog Help...

How to Use Jump Breaks in Blogger

Have you ever gone to a site and seen those "Read More-->>>" links? Well, this is going to tell you how to put these in your posts. These jump breaks are very popular in SEO circles as a way of getting your visitors to click-through to an interior page on your site. However, I plan to use them to help speed-up the loading of my main page...

You Comment, I Follow

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been seeing this phrase a lot lately. But what does it mean? Does it mean that if I leave a comment on your blog that somehow you are going to follow me back to my blog? Well, that’s what I thought it meant, until I did some research...

How to Make a Badge for your Blog

I did a lot of research on this several months ago, but never got around to sharing what I discovered. So, I will take this opportunity to reveal the fruits of my labours. I wrote this article, so you can copy the code from my site and then just input the information for your particular site. Once your values are input, you should be good to go.

How to Enable Printer Friendly Pages

As I was going through and reading the blogs I follow, I noticed that one of them had a pretty nifty (I know, dated saying), button on their site; it was a "Print this Page" button. Basically, what this does is when you press the button, only the blog post and the comments will print out. The rest of the site, including the sidebars, header, and the footer are not printed. This allows the reader to print out an article that interests them, without having the entire blog printed...

Tips to Copy Protect your Content

Due to the increase in content piracy, I have decided to do some research and put together some resources which you can use to help prevent this from occurring. The information presented here is for your benefit to use or not, as you desire. Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have or if you know of any other ideas I may have left out. The resources mentioned will not stop the die-hard pirates, but it should curb the novices and give them pause to think...


  1. Great tips. I've been thinking about adding the jump breaks to my blog. Now I'll know how to do it.
    The "you comment I follow" thing seems to me to be a crazy way of getting comments on your posts. I've noticed a lot of blogs that have that but they don't live up to it.

  2. Thanks! I need all the help I can get. Going to book mark this for later.


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