14 June 2010

Yum Yum and the Spring

Yum Yum playing with her spring...

yum yum playing with her spring

Of course, she has to mess-up everything that she can. One of her favorite and daily things to do is to take her spring, carry it into our room, jump on our freshly-made bed, and play. You she see our bed after she gets done playing on it.


  1. Since I used to have a cat that loved to dive under blankets I can imagine what yum yum does to your bed. At least she knows how to keep herself entertained.

  2. At least she waits for you to wake up before playing with her spring! She's very considerate in that respect!

  3. Ann: Yes, she's very good about keeping herself occupied :)

    BeadedTail: Actually, that's how she wakes us up, so she and Koko can get their morning treat. She will bring her spring and dump it on the bed and then proceed to run and bounce all over us, until we wake up. Meanwhile, Koko is sitting in the doorway and watching.

  4. I had to look twice at this picture. I love penguins and have the same little rug. But Yum Yum doesn't look like one of my girls. I just love the things they do to amuse us.

  5. Yum Yum is a cat after my own heart!

  6. Cheryls Purple Cow: That's great! I know it's a holiday rug, but we we're to cheap to buy another one. It's really fun to watch her when she plays on the cat tree. I'm always expecting her to come tumbling down.

    Sparkle the Designer Cat: Yes, she is. It's fun to see the various ways she amuses herself

  7. Lalo loves to roll himself up in the throw rug on the kitchen floor. Perhaps it is a Siamese thing...

  8. Split Rock Ranch: I think you're right. I guess it's in the old Siamese DNA or something :)



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