16 June 2010

It's for the Birds

Since I have the house to myself this week, I've been concentrating on completing the third rewrite on my story. There's a deadline of 30 June to get it submitted so I can get my ONE printed copy of it. Because of that and doing the yard work I've been putting off since May, I haven't been posting a lot lately.

With that said, here is one of our daily visitors to our backyard. This guy and his MANY friends have taken it upon themselves to eat us out of house and home.

photo of a red wing blackbird


  1. Oh he's a pretty one. I haven't seen one of those in my backyard yet. Must be nice to have the house all to yourself. I'm jealous :)

  2. That fev-ver looks very tasty...um we mean purrty!

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  3. That's a purrty bird! We have lots of chickadees visit us and boy do they eat a lot too!

  4. Is that a red-winged blackbird? Very pretty! And when people say I "eat like a bird" I tell them that is an insult because birds eat all the time!

  5. Ann: It's kinda nice, but I have to admit, it feels weird to be here alone.

    Furkidsmom: Lol, Our two feel the same way :-)

    BeadedTail: I would like to have chickadees here. It would be something different from the "regulars"

    Splt Rock Ranch: Yes, it is. I know, that's ALL they seem to do and they do it ALL day long!

  6. It looks like a tri-winged blackbird because of the yellow/gold patch. Sorry, I'm a bird nut. >:)

    Great picture!


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