03 September 2010

Flamingos for the Fall

I thought I might be a little whimsical today, so I discovered a few photos lurking in my files that I would like to share. There is a nursery here called Franz Witte and let's just say, they have a great sense of humor. Their nursery is located on the side of a major road and every holiday, to the delight of motorists, they arrange and sometimes dress-up a vast army of their pink mascots. Now, that is not to say that they only come out on special occasions, because you can find them on their front lawn and hidden throughout the nursery, peaking-out at you from behind
bushes, every day of the year.

And yes, we have four of them at our house as well. We have two standing guard by our front door and two more hidden amongst the bushes.

Here they are arranged in the shape of a heart and wrapped in a red ribbon...
photo of a flock of flamingos in a shape of a heart

Wearing bunny ears (I think for Easter)...
photo of a flamingo wearing bunny ears

photos courtesy of... Franz Witte


  1. The bunny ears are funny! A friend of mine in Colorado does flamingo flocking for charity. She secretly puts lots of flamingos in people's yards and they have to pay to have them removed. I think it's through Kiwanas actually. I had her add my boss to the list of people to be flocked! :)

  2. BeadedTail: I have never heard of that before. I really like the idea, though. I wonder if Franz Witte would be interested in participating in something like that. I would add my wife's boss to that list; he would think it was great :)

  3. Every time I see a pink flamingo it reminds me of the Tracy Byrd song.
    "Pink flamingos in the front yard, a picture window with view of Walmrat. Blue collar heaven, domestic bliss. It just doesn't get any better than this" :)

  4. Hi Tim. The flamingos are wild. It must be fun to see them lurking around in the bushes.
    And like Sharla said it would be a great charity idea to place them in peoples yards. You should check into it. You could always make it the Tim Charity.LOL

  5. Parma, OH used to be noted for its pink flamingos in people's yards. We, however, have a goose instead. When we first put it out, the neighbor across the street from us thought it was real!

  6. Ann: Sounds like a great song :)

    Grampy: They are. You go to look at a bunch of flowers and you see a flamingo peeking out at you. The owners have a great sense of humor.

    Karen and Gerard: I didn't know that. Oh, you have a sister city here in Idaho: Parma, Idaho. It's actually not far from here.
    I like the idea of a goose :)


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