08 September 2010

The Potluck Post

Weird title, huh? Well, the reason being, is that I have a few unrelated topics to cover. So, without further ado...

Firstly, let me begin by explaining why I haven't been around much lately. The short version is: my computer is slowly dying. I never know from day to day whether it will work or not. Mostly, it takes forever to get onto the internet and after a few minutes, the computer will freeze and I'll have to reboot. I have done several virus and malware scans, but the computer is clean. Next, in case it was a browser problem, I reinstalled them. When that didn't work, I used a restore point in hopes that it would solve my problems, but to no avail. Next, I saved all my data onto a zip drive, just in case the computer decides to give up the ghost. Finally, I started finding what my drivers were and updating them. So far, it seems to be working, but I won't know for sure for a few days.

Anyway, I would like to apologize for not visiting as much as I would like. I tried to use the times my computer worked to research solutions to this problem. Hopefully, it is fixed.

Next, I have added another dimension to my workouts by doing chin ups (palms facing toward you) and pull ups (palms facing away from you). I figured that after all the strength training I have done on the Total Gym, it would have prepared me to be able to do them. However, to my great surprise, I was not able to do even one. So, in order to build-up my strength, I have been concentrating on doing negative reps (I stand on a chair, assume the chin up position, and slowly let myself down. I repeat this until I cannot do it again). The day after my first workout, I discovered muscles that I never even knew I had. Yep, my back, chest, arms, shoulders, and even my stomach muscles were sore. Until I can master this, I shall continue to soldier-on.

Finally, school has started and I am once again engrossed in Algebra, Language, and Science. With this being roughly the first day my computer has really worked, I spent the day trying to catch-up on the subjects. After all, I would like to be able to help my kiddos when they need it.

Well, I think I've bored you enough for one day. Have a great day, everyone and I look forward to once again visiting your sites.


  1. I thought maybe you were on a tropical island enjoying a pina colada on the beach! Bummer you were stuck with computer problems, exercising and starting school. Have a good school year!

  2. I sure hope your computer gets better...or you get a new one!

  3. Welcome back! That really is frustrating when the computer keeps acting up like that. Hope to see you around more often again.

  4. Computer problems, UGH!!!! these darn things sure can make you crazy sometimes.
    I never heard of negative reps for chin ups, interesting. It's funny that you should post about this because we have a swing in the back yard. We took the swing off the frame and I was just messing around and tried to do a chin up on the frame. Guess what? Yep, couldn't do it....lol

  5. BeadedTail: I really wish that were the case. I hope that it is fixed, because I really miss visiting your site.

    Brian: Thank you! Me, too!

    Karen and Gerard Zemek: Thank you! I hope that it is fixed. I really miss not being able to visit your sites.

    Ann: I had to do some research to find out what to do if I can't do chin ups. They suggested doing them to help build-up the muscles. It works, because I am very close to being able to do one!
    I know, it looks so easy to do, but I couldn't believe how hard they are.


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