14 September 2010

Inspector Koko

This was taken last year on a day that I was making salsa. We set-up the tray to give us more room to put our jars when they came out of the water bath, so naturally, Koko had to investigate...

koko sitting on a TV tray

Oh, please forgive the mess. The gnomes were very busy.


  1. It is OK Koko, it looks like a food tray to me too so of course you would check it out!

  2. Koko knows that the table was really set up just for him and you're only saying it was for the salsa. Uh huh, we know.

  3. Koko you did good. And mess? what mess? I don't see any mess :)

  4. Brian: Yes, he approved the use of the table just in time for us to use it :) Thanks.

    BeadedTail: That is so true. Anything that is different, he claims as his and has to investigate.

    Ann: After receiving payment for services rendered, he allowed us to use the table to cool our jars :)


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