26 November 2010

Friday Fotos: 11/26

It's Hammer time...

photo of MC Hammer and e=mc squared
courtesy of... somuchpun.com

No sales here...

photo of funny sign
courtesy of... eatliver.com

Oh yeah, this makes sense...

Photo of a funny road sign
courtesy of... greatfunnypictures.com

That's me...

photo of a contemplative cat
courtesy of... icanhascheezburger.com


  1. lol those are good. I like the store sign. for once truth in advertising :)
    That street sign is a bit odd. And as for the cat, that's my favorite and yes I do sometimes forget to start again...lol

  2. these are all really funny. My favorite is the road sign. Trust me, you can't imagine the horror when you run into places like this and you are 80 feet long and weigh about 70,000lbs.

    Trust me, these kind of signs are everywhere and no I try not to think very much...cute kitty!!:-)

  3. Very funny and I got them all again! Yay! The kitty is funny and actually fairly true for me sometimes.

    Sorry to hear about Boise State last night. I watched most of the game but missed the two field goals (get it? missed!). Sorry. :)

  4. Ann: So true with the store. My favorite is the cat, too. It SO reminds me of me :)

    Shinade: I would have enough problems in just a regular car, I wouldn't even want to imagine in a huge tractor-trailer.

    BeadedTail: Thanks. It was very tough to watch and it's a shame that even though there are other 1-loss teams in the top 5, we get booted to the cellar.


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