06 December 2010

Laser Cat

Just trying to watch a football game, when Yum Yum decides to sit in front of the television. I guess everyone's a critic...

photo of yum yum in front of the tv


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  2. Yum Yum is way more fun to watch than any football game!

  3. Yum Yum probably wishes you were watching Animal Planet.

  4. Puma does the same exact thing. He always decides to climb up and lay down right in front of my face whenever I am watching something really interesting.

    He is jealous and wants all of the attention. I rarely get to watch t.v. without him being right in my face!

    Have a great day Tim and Koko too!

  5. Well, to tell you the truth, Yum Yum is just trying to enhance the view!

  6. BeadedTail: Considering the game that I was watching, I would agree :) It was a blow-out and not fun to watch.

    Sparkle the Designer Cat: Too true! That is such a good channel!

    Shinade: She just gets in moods where she has to be the prima ballerina and demands all the attention :)
    Hope you have a great day, too!

    Brian: Yes, she thinks that she is "all that and a bag of chips" (I have no idea what that means, but it sounded good) :)

  7. Yum Yum was trying to hypnotize you with those eyes so that you would pay less attention to the game and more to the cat:)

  8. I cracked up at this. My little kitten jumps in front of the TV and he actually watches it.

  9. OooooPppppSssss...just realized I got Yum Yum and Koko mixed up...sorry about that Yum Yum!!:-))

  10. Ann: Too true. That would explain why the game was so bad, too :)

    a49erfangirl: That is funny! So, what are his favorite shows? Zombie movies, maybe? :)

  11. The Painted Veil: That's okay. That just means that you have to host Koko for Christmas and have him beg you for turkey or ham :-)


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