05 December 2010

Koko and the Computer

Trying to do schoolwork? Think again...

photo of koko laying on the computer mouse

He is laying on part of the keyboard and the mouse.


  1. oh who wants to school work on a weekend any way..lol When I had my cat he used to do the same thing. If he wasn't there he was laying on the desk right in front of the monitor.

  2. Love the picture. Our kitten loves to lay on my laptop. everytime I walk out of the room and come back in the kitten lays down on the laptop.

  3. He helps everyone procrastinate, doesn't he? :)

  4. That gives a a good excuse then not to work on it.

  5. :-) You have to love cats! Now if my newfie decided to do that I guess the keyboard would be squished. I love your photos.

  6. Keep up the good work Koko. Now why didn't your dad tell us before that you are actually running this wonderful blog?
    Have a great day Tim!

  7. Ann: I guess they like to be the center of attention :)

    a49erfangirl: They must learn this stuff at the Cat University or something :)

    Storm, The Psychotic Housewife: that's a good one! Yes, it should be his middle name.

    Karen & Gerard Zemek: That's for sure. Any excuse not to do school work is a good excuse for her :)

    Mountain Woman: Now that would be a picture :)

    Shinade: He wanted to remain anonymous... you know, for tax purposes (he owes the CRS (Cat Revenue Service) some past-due cat nip) :)
    Thank you and you have a great day, too!

  8. Ha i love this picture.

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