29 January 2011

Jeff Dunham in Idaho

My wife was lucky enough to get to go and see Jeff Dunham this week. Her friend had an extra ticket and asked if she would like to go. Uh, YES!!

She said that they laughed the entire time. We have seen Jeff Dunham's DVD's and his Comedy Central specials, but there is so much more when you see him live. As an added bonus, after the regular show, he brought out a new character he is developing and tried-out his routine on everyone.

Here are a few things she brought back...

photo of Achmed and Peanut, Jeff Dunham characters

Until you can see him in person...


  1. He is one talented and funny human fur sure...we love Peanut!

  2. He's hilarious! We saw him in Colorado before and have never laughed so much! Glad your wife got to see him.

  3. I've seen him before and he is funny. Your wife was lucky for sure. Too bad she couldn't have scored a ticket for you too

  4. Brian: He mentioned during the show that he has been doing this since he was real young. Peanut and Walter are my two favorites, though I like them all :)

    BeadedTail: That's great! Some day I hope to be able to see him in concert.

    Ann: Her friend was originally going to go with her husband, but he got sick and wasn't able to go. Maybe some day I'll be able to see him.

  5. Storm, The Psychotic Housewife: Me too. I really hope to be able to see him in person! Oh, the new character he is working on is Achmed's son.

  6. You lucky dog! I just love how this guy is soooo talented and funny. He is a true artist! Achmed just kills me!

  7. Linda: She had a blast seeing him. I agree, he said that he has been doing this since he was young.
    Achmed will be so happy. After all, that's his job :)

  8. Oh yay! Jeff Dunham is REALLY hilarious!


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