19 April 2011

Koko, Undercover

Over the past few days, the temperature has dropped and we are in the middle of another cold snap. Tired of the cold, Koko had a great idea: why not burrow under the covers and take a snooze...

photo of Koko sleeping under a blanket

You can tell that he is SO thrilled with having his picture taken.


  1. Koko, the pawpawrazzi has no boundaries sometimes but you do look cute so it's to be expected they couldn't resist taking your picture. Hope you were able to nap in peace and quiet later though!

    Angel & Isabella

  2. Koko has the right idea. We've gotten some colder weather here too and I feel like doing the exact same thing. Too bad I have to get up and go to work every morning

  3. We are having gray skies and rain here too practically all week! At least it isn't snow! I am ready to burrow under the covers too!

  4. BeadedTail: Yeah, he sacked-out there for a few hours, before it was time to wake up and take a snack break :)

    Ann: I agree! That is the toughest thing to do: you are nice and warm in bed and the last thing you want to do is get up.

    Karen and Gerard: It was sunny today, but we are going back to rain and wind (and cold) tomorrow. I've started riding a bike instead of doing the NordicTrack and this weather has been making it difficult to keep a stable schedule (I hate riding into a head wind). Stay warm :)

  5. hi tahtimbo.. am doing my blog walk and stumble upon your very cute cats and never relised that with such thick hairy cover, they still cant stand the cold winter.. great blog. have a nice day

  6. We kitties NEVER seem to get any peace, right, Koko?

  7. That is exactly what I feel like doing on these cold mornings lately!

  8. cookingvarieties: I know, you would think that they would be warm enough, especially in a heated house. But, I guess there is nothing better than a nice fluffy blanket :)
    Thank you for stopping by!

    Sparkle the Designer Cat: I guess you could call it payback for when he wakes us at 5:00AM to be fed :)

    Split Rock Ranch: Me too! It seems that I am always cold these days.


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