29 October 2011

Finger Stakes

Before I get started blowing sprinkler lines and assisting in biology and chemistry labs, I needed to make something special for my wife's Halloween party at work. So, I decided that the easiest (Yep, I'm lazy) thing to do, would be to make my Cheesy Bread and try and make them look like fingers.
You will also need to make a batch of my Garlic Sauce. When that is made, reserve about 1/4 of the sauce and add 2 Tbsp of red food coloring to it. This will make the sauce appear to look like blood.
Finally, you will need to take some olives and cut them into fourths. These will become the finger nails
photo of cheesy bread finger stakes
  • Once the bread sticks were ready to be dressed, I cut a slit in the end of each one and placed one of the olive slices
  • I then slathered each one with the garlic sauce and covered with cheese
  • with the red food coloring added, and painted the other end of the bread stick
Here they are before being covered with cheese...
photo of cheesy bread finger stakes
Ready for the oven...
photo of cheesy bread finger stakes
Finally, I placed a stick (stake) up the middle of each one, which is why I can call them: Finger Stakes :-)
Boxed-up and ready to go...
photo of cheesy bread finger stakes


  1. yum, i am a bread freak love it all

  2. they look gruesomely delicious :)

  3. Lucky Lady: thank you :)
    Have a great rest of the weekend!

    Ann: Thank you :-)



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